Chapter 1.2- Rise


Then a spinning hexagon illuminating the darkness.

“Unexpected system failure. Rebooting…”


Daki awoke buried roughly a feet under rubble. While sturdy at high altitudes, these M3-CC4 buildings clearly didn’t withstand the chaos. Through the cracks, Daki could just make out the distant set of suns, illuminating the now daytime sky. Sirens could be heard, and some unknown machinery was working away in the distance. With what strength he had, Daki managed to push the shattered, white paneling away and clamber up to the surface of the wreck and take in his surroundings.

The city, or at least this area of the city, was almost completely totaled. Torn and frayed wires sparked, buildings were ripped in half, and various smokes and chemicals leaked from various pipes. In the distance, Daki could now make out some Mecbot chatter, unintelligible over the winds and the sounds of machines slowly repairing damage further on. The wind howled, making this scene even more desolate than it should. Suddenly, Daki heard a voice much closer.

“Hey! Hey! You’re… awake? Operational? Whatever. Good! Man, that was a scene, wasn’t it? Yeah, from up here, everything for miles is a wreck. Those… Mecbots, are they? They’re like insects, repairing their home. A sight to behold, even if tragic.”

Daki remained silent, trying to pinpoint where this voice was coming from.

“Yeah, I’m just as doubtful of where I am right now. I can see you, but I’m pretty high up. I think I’m wedged into a building or something? If you could… well, help me out here, that’d be nice.” The voice continued.

Daki then just saw a little glowing light, coming from atop a small housing complex. “A-are you up there?” He shouted.

“Yeah! You’re looking right at me.” The voice replied.” Okay, stop, those glowing blue eyes of yours are unsettling. Sorry. Just get up here and just yank me out, if you can.”

Daki crouched down, light sails behind him moving apart. A glowing orb appeared on his back, which quickly formed into a jet turbine affixed to his back. Daki then lifted into the air and grabbed the glowing appendage from the crack in the wall.

“Oh nice! A jetpack!” The voice rambled. “Closest thing you can get to transforming into, I don’t know, some excavation drill or something. Also, that really hurts, but I think it’s working!”

With a hefty pull, the being was suddenly freed from the wall, and sent careening upwards. The being stopped in midair, and redirected itself towards the ground. As Daki touched down, jet fading into squares of light, the figure, now visibly an Astran, was hovering just a little bit above the ground, sweeping away at it’s grey robes. The Astran was fairly young, glowing a nice shade of yellow, displaying a set of four large diamond-shaped runes behind it in a wing-light pattern. The escaping heat, or the hair of the Astran, was curiously much longer than usual for a Astran that age.

“Well, thanks for the rescue, I guess.” The Astran muttered, looking away from it’s cloak. “Now that I’ve got a good look at you-… YOU!”

Daki was suddenly taken aback by the sudden shouting, stumbling backwards.

“What is your DEAL?!” The Astran screamed. “You! YOU! You’re the sap who touched that comet! Yeah, yeah, don’t try and hide it! You did it! I know! I saw you there! It’s a saying since the beginning of forever! ‘Never touch what isn’t yours’! You must have heard it, programmed it, whatever, a million billion times! I mean, don’t you think an arcane piece of gemstone that flies around the entire two galaxies, filled to the brim with every living beings hopes, dreams and aspirations isn’t the tiniest bit dangerous?! Nooooooo! You, in all you mechanical wisdom, laid your grubby little gloves on it, and look what happens! Kablooey! TOTAL. CHAOS. Yeah, I’m holding you responsible for this mess!”

Daki, still baffled by the sudden rage of the Astran, righted himself up, doing his best to keep his composition.

“And now guess who’s been spread across who-knows where?!” The Astran continued. “The Grand Chromas! That’s right, you heard me! THOSE GRAND CHROMAS! So! So! Explain yourself, you complete moron, you!”

Daki, while doing his best to keep cool, finally spoke. “Look, I don’t know who you think you are, but I’m not that shadowy figure that tore everything apart! I didn’t manage to get a good read on him, I was tired due to the darkness, and kind of… well, confused, to be honest. But I swear on my creator, I didn’t lay a finger on that… gemstone of yours!”

The Astran stared at Daki. “Upon further, further, inspection… You look totally opposite from that shady dark guy. Yeah, white coat, white hair, blue glowing lights, wings, not being used to flying… Yeah, yeah! You’re not the… culprit. That’s the word.” The Astran then grabbed Daki’s hand and began to shake it with vigor. “Sorry about the yelling, pal.” said the Astran.” I lost my cool. Being a collection of souls, hydrogen and helium, that gets kind of hard I guess! Hah!”

The Astran stood back a bit, taking another look at Daki. While starting to get uncomfortable instead of infuriated, Daki did his best to keep the pain inside.

“Looking at you in full… the coat, the hat, the little sails… Yeah, you’re that Admiral Daki guy!” The Astran claimed gleefully. “Well, let me introduce myself. You know I’m an Astran, I’m sure, but for my name, I go by Tri! Just that. Nothing else. Now, for what I’m doing here, well, that’s something much bigger than my little name. I act as a guardian of the now-exploded Chroma Comet, and I make sure it takes the right path around the galaxy. For who-knows-how many cycles, I’ve followed it diligently, learning much along the way about every neck of the cosmos! Or, well, at least, this region of it. The comet somehow has kept me from exploding all these years, like many Astrans normally do by my age. Maybe it has to do with the wishes, I don’t know. But it’s become my living, and it’s a lovely one. But now…”

Daki spoke up. “While I’m rather taken aback by this… rather sudden change of events, would it be possible to somehow piece the comet together again and send it back to it’s rightful place?”

Tri rised up in the air, inflating herself to a slightly larger size. “That’s exactly what we’re going to do, android! We’re going to search every nook and cranny of the galaxy if so needed, and by the heavens themselves I’ll fufill my purpose!”

Daki saluted the now whooping Astran. “That’s the spirit! And I’ll have you know you have my full support throughout this operation!” Daki forced a grin, and turned towards the view of the sea. “So, where do we start?”

Tri looked up into the heavens, focusing on one bright star, still visible in the daytime sky. “Let’s get the most dangerous one out of the way. To the sea of flame, Hazdbazza!”


Chapter 1.1- Today…

Ahem! Today… Today’s a good day to hear a story, no? A story of adventure, daring, emotional turmoil, dark pasts, bright futures, days within twilight, strange places, and a universe to uncover, right? Of course you do.

This tale is rather on the wonderful side. But be wary, as many things are not what they will seem in this grand tale. Now then, where to begin…

Ah, right! This story begins with… a shorter one.

Today’s the day I tell you about a very special book, written by an ancient trio. The Creator, The Destroyer, and The Fortifier. These beings are as old as time itself, and are said to be the embodiments of the ways of the cosmos.

This book, the three of them forged, was meant to unveil the entire life’s story, beginning to end, of the reader. Of course, as soon as people heard of it, many sought it out, curious to glimpse at what wonders or horrors their futures and pasts may hold.

But, there was a catch. Whomever laid eyes upon the tattered pages of this book, never could find true happiness. The spark of life was removed from the reader, uncoiled from end to end, and laid inside the book.

This book… soon came to be known as “The Black Observer”, and soon was sealed away to prevent unhappiness and emptiness from covering the starry skies.

Our tale… is a tale of the last person to ever take a glimpse at this book, and undo the curse that haunted it. It’s a very interesting tale indeed… But where the tale begins, is not such a long, long time ago.

- – -

The Second Grey war was finally over.

Of course, it wasn’t the biggest news. The retreat by the Grey Forces was reported many days earlier, and it was only a matter of time before the black voids in the sky, consuming everything, finally faded away. The Alliance of M3-CC4 and Hazdbazza, every mechanical troop, was a hero that day. Parades were set on M3-CC4, of course, to increase commerce and tourism by even more, and preparations were just under way.

At the main office of M3-CC4 Tower, Mechon was busy as anyone has ever found him. Running about from desk to desk, a thick clipboard in hand. Countless other workers were working away at terminals, designing floats, schedules, and the like. It was honestly the busiest the Mec.Co bureau of operations, or any section of Mec.Co, had been in years.

“Now, the modified transports come in first, each division fitting perfectly into each one- No, no, scratch all that. The divisions will be marching on one of those fancy hard-light walkways, then the tank pilots.” Mechon hastily shouted, writing and erasing furiously in his clipboard. “Yes, yes, that’s more visually pleasing. How much fuel are we using? Acually, no, don’t answer that. Let’s just bring prices down 400 Credits, just to be generous the war’s over, right? Nito, yes, you, get a word with the fellas’ at economics.”

With all the hustle, nobody seemed to notice the elevator doors open and a short, glowing figure emerge.

“Hazmius!” Mechon cried with delight, arms open. “I knew you wouldn’t take this parade sitting down.”

“Hah, yes!” Hazmius cheerfully replied, embracing Mechon and patting him over the armored shoulder. “Heck, I’m even hugging you right now! The war is finally over, my friend!”

“Oh-ho, not the battle I’m fighting right now.” Mechon replied, pushing Hazmius back and turning towards the collection of desks. “Everything is a battle of every processor I have. It’s a surprise my head hasn’t turned into something like yours!”

The duo shared a laugh, moving towards the window.

“Oh, Mechon!” Hazmius muttered. “I came here for more than just good memories. The royal order managed to get a word with some of the even bigger people out there.”

“Eh, what now?” Mechon replied, suddenly intrigued.

“Yeah, we’re getting some really important people down here. I know you love getting your funds, so I did my best to boost your tourism to this parade today by the biggest margin possible!”

“YES!” Mechon cried, nearly jumping into the air. “Oh, oh, who are the lucky suckers? That Spanner chap from Terrax? Odri from the Intersectral council?”

“Eh… not that big, my cubical friend. My order is powerful, but not enough to move people like that around, no. I got… let’s see here…” Hazmius then rummaged about his robes, until he pulled out a digital pad. “Ah, right. We’ve still got an important Terrax, Haeon Flint, grandson of the HVT Network show star, Steel Flint!”

“Right, right, that nutball. At least he’s going to stay in one place this time.” Mechon replied, turning his gaze towards the cityscape view.

“I know you don’t like his… escapades on your property. He’s young for his job, and he’s ambitious as anyone can… could ever be. But he’ll behave when he has to.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it. So, who’s next?”

“Well, this was a strange surprise, but we’ve got the heir to the Naturan Throne, Luni, on her way as we speak. Her guards are too… nitpicky, so your boys are on VIP guard duty with this lass.” Hazmius replied, flicking the screen to the next image.

“Well, the stars are turning green now! Who ever heard of a Nathuran who’d want to come to a place like this!” Mechon said, scribbling something unintelligible on his clipboard.

“We’ll see how that goes down when she arrives in a few Kestons- sorry, a Keston now. But I saved the best for last, old friend.”

“Judging by this list, I’m putting my money on you getting an Astran here somehow.” Mechon grumbled, pressing his hands against the glass. “So, am I right?”

“For once, no!” Hazmius chuckled. “We’ve got the one and only HEXA Admiral Daki K. on his way as we speak.

Mechon froze. “Y-You mean the guy who didn’t fight with us because ‘it was too easy’? That war-obsessed android?!”

“Yeah, he’s coming. He’s here for some blueprints of your tanks, and it says right here that your R&D Department is going to have some really powerful Hexoid machines to reverse engineer by the end of the night!” Hazmius cheered. “Daki is a bit strange, I know, but he’s a cool machine once you talk to him about things other than war.”

“Sheesh. That machine never even comes out of his own room anymore. You sure about this, my friend?” Mechon replied, flipping through the pages on his clipboard, then scribbling out a sheet.

“As sure as I was about when you’d survive the crash of the M3-CC4 Koi. Now, how about we butter these fellows up by giving them a personal greeting at the docking port? I’m sure what friends they have, you’ll want them here as well someday!” Hazmius said, grabbing Mechon’s hand and walking for the elevator.

“Daki has no friends, save that computer of his, Luni’s friends hate this place, and Haeon… just no.” Mechon replied, breaking free of Hazmius’s grasp.

“… You need to open up some more, my friend. It’s not just us two anymore.” Hazmius chuckled, as the duo went into the lift.

- – -

Many hours, or Kestons, had passed. The ice comet K1-N1 was visible in the starry skies, and the crowd, eager to view the celebration, had grown to a tremendous size. Daki, Haeon and Luni had been given seats close to the glowing blue path set up for the celebration, and yet two of the three remained quiet. Haeon, of course, was the other third. While not personally knowing Daki or Luni, he had heard a good lot about them. To him, this was as VIP treatment as it gets, royalty on one side, military respect on the other. Bouncing vigorously in his seat, Haeon pestered the two far beyond the point where they would tolerate it. However, Haeon and the murmuring crowd went silent as soon as Mechon, suspended by a floating platform, came down into view.

“I’ve got one very special treat for you all!” Mechon shouted into the crowd.”As you know, Me, Hazmius, and you amazing soldiers managed to abolish the monochromatic terror from our worlds. Perhaps it’s fate, coincidence, or maybe both, that we get to see an elusive, glowing comet pass by at a very low altitude today! That’s right, the Chroma Comet!”

With that, the crowd erupted in a powerful uproar of cheers.

Luni, however, was perplexed. “H-hey, what even is that comet that… m-machine keeps going on about?”

Before Daki could reply, Haeon sprang up. “It’s a very rare gemstone that passes by this part of space every 1,000 cycles!” He shouted over the crowds’ cheers. “It’s made up of the most colorful gemstones, and it’s very lucky of us to finally see it from the surface of a planet! Y’know, they say if you concentrate very hard on it, you can make a wish that’s 100% guaranteed to come true.”

“Ha! ” Daki suddenly cried. “What a pile of trash. Wishes. I’ve wished all my life when I was young, and I got nothing. You get what you need or want by working hard and striving for it. Chances and wishes are illogical.”

With that remark, the trio quickly settled into silence again, taken aback by Daki’s sudden remark.

“Allright everyone, you ready for a once-in-a-function-period lightshow?!” Mechon eagerly shouted. “Gaze upward… now!”

With that, the crowd all cast their eyes upward towards the starry sky. In a flash, a jet of rainbow-hued light streaked across the sky. The crowd gawked in amazement. Then something strange began to happen…

The light suddenly stopped in midair! Murmurs filled the crowd quickly.

“Gravity have anything to do with it?”

“Maybe our wishes put it into shock or something…”

“I don’t know, maybe some satellite hit it…”

Suddenly, the light began to grow. The comet was gradually falling down! At first, panic seized the crowd, but as the light grew closer, the mood settled into silent wonder.

The comet finally was only floating a few meters above the hard-light path. It was now clearly visible that the comet was encased in some kind of brackish-black energy field. The field dissipated, and the comet dropped to the floor with an audible “clink!”.

For a short while, everyone was completely quiet. Even Mechon looked about with concern.

Suddenly, with a flash, Mechon was hurled from his platform by some unseen figure. Landing upon the hard-light road with a groan, he reared himself up to see a black, hooded figure standing on top of the platform. Still silent with shock, the crowd turned gazed from Mechon to the figure, now visible in the light from the road.

“The parade… is over!” The figure cried in a deep, scratched voice.

The figure lunged for the comet, while panic settled into the crowd. As the figure grasped the comet, it began to shake violently. Flashing all manner of different colors, the comet zigzagged up into the heavens, carrying the now screaming figure along. With a flash, the comet burst in a powerful blast, the shockwave shaking the crowd back into silence. If once looked closely, different colored shards could be seen heading in every direction from the blast.

Still screaming, the figure landed back on the ground with a powerful thud. Not moving, a purple-hued fragment of the now-destroyed comet landed on top of him, but instead of bouncing, it seemed to affix itself to his head with a quickly forming yellow-hued ring. The figure, still limp, rose into the air again.

“What’s going on?”

“Who is that guy?!”

“I’d say to scream and run at this point!”

Mechon rose back to his feet, staring at the strange figure. “I think I can guess what’s happening…” he said.

With a loud sound similar to metal-striking glass, the figure began to glow. The crowd finally snapped out of their shock, and began to panic, Luni, Haeon and Daki along with them. The gemstone upon the shadowy figure’s head suddenly released a hurricane of powerful winds, and the crowd was swept every-which-way, the shadowy figure cackling with crazed laughter as the crowd screamed as they were hurled into the starry skies…

“Open your pages, Observer! Open your eyes, Darkness! Start to consume everything, as was foretold!” The figure shrieked over the howling winds.

The Move-

Well, I’m back! Again. Crikey, I need to get back into this website. I mean, look at the state of this place! The place is falling apart, and reeks of decay and must… Heck, even the curtains are falling apart. I could see that some of you fellows, despite things looking bleak, have still had hope in this little domain and have visited every now and then, and thanks for that! (Trif, our local MechaPress Marathoner, thank you especially!)

So, of course, what have I been up to in these past few months? Mostly summertime shenanigan-ing. Mostly I’ve been trying to get some recognition on the Cobalt Forums. (You know, that game I mentioned really long ago, around the time I broke my wrist?) And things have been going… not so swimmingly well. Not to say that I’m doing bad! It’s just that things are not as awesome as they could, or even should be. And I know at least ONE of you is going to be all like “Why even bother promoting yourself on a pointless website to do nothing but inflate your ego?”, and to that I must say: I really don’t know. But I’ve got a talent, and the internet is the best way to show it off! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! (Except some obvious exceptions. You can be as proud as you want, but nobody wants to see your intestinal disease.)

Also, as I stated before, we moved! My folks are now living separately (for… *ahem* quite well-known reasons). So now pop lives inside a rather old apartment complex that’s rather cozy and authentic with it’s gnarled wooden planks lining the floors and walls, while mom lives in a more modern apartment that features the most amazing showers you have ever seen. They have, like, fifteen different spray modes, from mist to rain to even controlled bursts of water. But anyway, most of my summer was performing this:

New art style? New art style. NEW ART STYLE! (Now with 76% more manga-like! How about that for a make-up gift, ey?)

Now, being in an apartment, you’d think we’d have an elevator. And we do! But the apartment is REALLY old, and had just been renovated, so the elevator was this tiny little box, with one of those cross-shaped grate things that you have to push away manually. That plus it’s small size doesn’t make it ideal for moving large boxes to and fro, making the large flight of stars the only option.
Oh, and did I mention we didn’t use a moving van this time? No, instead mom decided to hire some “professional movers” *COUGH* that would haul all our stuff to the apartment instead. And at first glimpse, they seemed pretty qualified. They were nice, lively, and quite… well, buff. Like, WWE-level buff.

This is for you, Trif. I tried my best.

But of course, the movers were clearly upset due to the lack of elevator. So they took it out on us by “accidentally” putting some of our stuff in the storage facility we bought to put our really old stuff, like my great-grandmother’s sleigh. So we had to go there to pick some stuff up, but that’s another adventure, for another blog post.

So anyway, we managed to gather all our stuff into the house, which was a mess at the time. And “mess” is a very generous understatement. I like cluttered spaces, but I like organized clutter. So all these boxes had my neat-habit acting up, which made things insufferable. At least, well for me. Mom (who, if you didn’t figure it out, got “custody” of me), on the other hand, didn’t really seem to notice. So it was mostly me organizing, unboxing, and taking out the boxes into the recycling out back. Oh, had a garbage disposal? Nope.

This, of course, brings me to the lady who sold us the apartment. And she was about as “stereotypical cheerleader/hip girl” as it gets here in America.  If she didn’t also sell apartments for the “no-pets” branch of the apartments as well, she’d probably have a rat-dog in that pink purse of hers. She had the works: sunglasses, cell phone with cheerful ringtone, brightly colored dress, high-pitched voice and, of course, a practically visible aura of perfume around her. Heck, I swear she used one of those *shudder* tanning booths.

You are beyond help if you do this to yourself. Guys too, no matter how strange that may seem.

I have little clue and care for what her name was, but let’s just call her… Tiffany.  That’s a good “perky girl” name, right? No offense, potential viewers that may also be named Tiffany, I just needed an upbeat, popular-sounding name.

Anyway, this Tiffany was in charge of selling us this apartment. We went through all sorts of apartments (including an awesome one with a huge elevator, 50-something-th floor, great view, pool, and all sorts of awesome shit that turned out to be infested with roaches), so we were kind of desperate as the Russian family was moving into our (old) house in the next three days. So we were in a bit of a hurry. Tiffany told us about all these amazing features of our “new, wonderful home”, right? She told us that we could use any services of the other buildings, had a garbage disposal, really great repair team, the works. We were elated that such a rather old place offered such great services and accommodations, so we jumped and bought that sucker like it was a purple rubber octopus for sale.

So a few days later, after those beefy guys haul all our stuff in, and I painfully haul in the smaller (yet probably heavier) stuff, we start to figure out that Tiffany was downright bullshitting us. No garbage disposal, we needed a “membership card” to even get into any other buildings, and the repair team, while nice, didn’t really know where to put the stuff they were setting up (which is why I have a wall unit A/C inside one of my windows, and not on the wall). So of course, we call the manager to let them know Tiffany had NO CLUE what she was talking about, but guess who the new manager was…


That’s right: Tiffany.

Holy. Crab. Cupcakes.

So apparently the old manager, an equally daft, but far more aware of her daftness girl like Tiffany had been fired after an unpleasant run-in with a client she had some secrets about. So Tiffany, who somehow was next in line, got the big desk job. I have no clue how a girl like her got in charge, but looking at the idiots who in charge of things like congress, I can’t say I’m surprised. America, everyone!

So she had no clue what we were talking about. So we kind of ran into a snag. And we still are. Hopefully they fire Tiffany and hire someone with a brain that isn’t fried by artificial tanning. Seriously. I swear that stuff causes tumors or something.

So with our new home… well, not living up to it’s expectations, we simply rolled with the punches and managed to settle in anyway. And it’s pretty okay. I mean, I have to take the garbage out twice a day, and I have to deal with the neighbors who are literally a wall away…


My room is already done being set up, so I may fulfill a certain good luck spirit I know* and post some picture of my lair here soon!

In terms of new furniture, we went to quite possibly my favorite store in the world: IKEA (Thank you, various northern European Countries!). I love the smell of wood and cardboard. And who would’ve guessed, but I got a new bed, fluffy mattress and all during my time there! Most of the stuff we bought were shelves, as mom is one hell of a hoarder as you may remember. And we have a stash of books so large that would make Patch- I, er, I mean, a rather avid librarian rather happy to see. So it was also my duty to, when we returned home (and hauled more heavy boxes upstairs) was to assemble the shelves, while dad visited to take care of the bed. It was rather easy, sort of like LEGO for carpenters. Just a lot of strain on my already thrown-out back!

Dad’s apartment is a completely different ordeal. I don’t live there most of the time (every second weekend I visit), and Dad got a pretty good setup. I spend most of my time there either eating, hiding in my sky-bed lair he built for me, or watching TCM with him on his new television. It has a 3-D movie mode! There’s no hilarious story with Dad’s place, so let’s just move on with my real Mecha-Cave.

So we now are at present day. I’m changing schools from FCS to Crefeild High, a school tailored more to dropouts people with creative minds who aren’t really good at more sturdy concepts like math (maths for your Europeans),  foreign language (I know I should, it’s just so hard!) and such. So I’ve got a change in education coming up, which is cool.

I’ve also been pressing out videos while away, you can check them out on MechaPress’s official YouTube channel! I’m also still trying to show my talents on the Cobalt Forums, you can find my amazing work here, here and here! So I have been busy with stuff over my summer! I also plan to update the Database (again…) with some pictures (or picture placeholders), so you can be sure to have your pants blown off with that!

So that’s about it! … I kind of forgot how to a clever final word in my absence though, so I’ll just leave it ending a bit awkwardly right here…


*Trif. The spirit in question is Trif, or rather, how I draw him, her or it. Just so you outsiders know! I’ve changed a bit since we last met…

Welcome Back!

Yes, Hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know I posted that cryptic .gif a while ago, and I left many of you confused for quite a while.

First off, let me do what I usually do and tell you what happened over those few months. Ever since I got my new laptop, things (obviously) started to go a bit badly with schooling. My folks figured to turn me somewhere else, and we found a place that’s quite nice! We have to move, because the old place is too expensive to keep clean anymore, and it’s quite far from my new school (which I will start attending next school year). Pop already moved to an apartment that’s quite old (where I’m typing this now), while Mom has been, somehow, taking care of moving her 20-something tons of luggage. I’ll write a full post on the whole mess later, but for now, let’s keep going.

The school year ended for me, finally, with some rather intense final exams. I’m starting to work on summer projects, which means more activity here, yay!

This brings me to what I have here to show you: A new video!

Yes, I’ve started to finally put things on our YouTube channel! This is just episode one of the eight I managed to record. It’s a tedious process, making them all, but in the end, it’s worth it. As for the content of said videos, it’s my adventures in the amazing Minecraft Mod Thaumcraft, which you’ll see what it’s all about soon. I plan to post the videos here as well as on MP’s TY channel.

So there you go, everyone! MechaPress is BACK!

The Polar Vortex-



It is a time…

A time of Chaos…


A time of Desolation…


And a time of Uncertainty…


Brother, pitted against Brother…

Children, um, having children…!

But then, from the right side of your screen…


Came a Man…


A man…

With a Steel Rectangle…



This beauty is my new  MSI laptop, which is higher-ended than my old desktop! I’m not too keen on the specs anymore (I was, but I seem to have forgotten now…) I know this bad boy can run quite smoothly, and keep my lap quite warm during the cold season!

Which brings me to my next topic… The Polar Vortex.

It’s been a while since I was last here, (Christmas eve, actually, if you have forgotten) and things have been going normally, save the sudden stream of cold winds and snow that slammed us in the U.S.A. quite hard. It’s hard to believe the world used to normally be like this, if it’s not a little bit worrying about that whole climate change thing… Anyhow, we got quite hammered by blizzards here at home. School was cancelled almost instantly, and every time it looked like the snow let up and school was back in session, we’d get pounded again with the furious hail of frozen rain and snow.

However, living in some pine woodlands does have it’s downsides. During a particularly bad ice storm, many of the tree’s branches froze over and broke, littering the yard with sticks, and eventually landing on our power lines, snapping them in two. Mom was out of town at the time, on “business” (don’t ask me to elaborate, ask her please), so it was just me and Dad in the cold.


Forced out of our homes due to the terrible chill that came with the heater offline, we went to a restaurant to recollect our thoughts. After having some simple pastries, we managed to settle It out that I would stay at Leon’s home, as he had electricity (but no internet), while my dad would overtime at work. So, getting a laptop just before this crisis came quite in handy! This cycle of running over to his house while my dad did his normal routine stuck for the next few days, as PECO was up to their helmets in repair orders.

Also, since Leon had no internet, I kept him “sane” (so he says) during those few days. He says there’s a reward for this in order, but I have yet to see it.

Soon afterwards, our power was finally restored and we managed to re-adjust to living a normal lifestyle again. More storms did come, but none of them took out the power like last time, thankfully.

Other than that, everything is pretty normal over here! I did go see The LEGO Movie, which was incredible and full of clever inside jokes. If you haven’t set your eyes on it, do it soon! You won’t regret it, I swear! (Also, bring your kids if you can, there’s plenty of ads in there before the film that are just so stupid to watch when you’re over age 10.)

I’m also getting some work done with Flash, and I plan to upload and share a few of my works here when I get the time! Yes, that Videos tab is finally going to get some content of it’s own! Whoo!

There really isn’t much left to say for today. I suppose something hilarious will happen soon enough, but right now school is getting in the way of things and making everything boring as hell. More content soon, hopefully, so stay tuned forever, because this is the Internet!


Here in the good ol’ (relatively speaking) US of A, Black Friday is usually the moment where a mass contradiction occurs. The day before was Thanksgiving, where families got together and feasted on a massive banquet of various foods, all usually supplied by the only good cook in the family. Everyone that day is thankful for what they have, but the following day, Black Friday, is where suddenly, you are compelled to beat the ever-loving shit out of someone for a Plasma-Screen that’s 25% off.


It’s madness.

However, on that crazy day, my dad had other plans. Since everyone was brawling for parking spots at Wal-Mart, and my mom was out of town, he thought to surprise her by buying an X-Mas tree early.


Let me also note that it was below water-freezing temperatures, and I was just settling in to my fluffy pants. But what could I do against the main figure of authority in the house? So on we went, Dad griping about the Route-1 speed traps the highway engineers must have purposely constructed along the way.

Soon, Dad noticed that the sun was starting to set. In his self-indulged haze of genius he forgot to bring the early sunset into the equation. So now we were in some of a hurry, and when Dad tries to get things done quickly, bad things ensue.


Which is exactly what followed a short while later.

When we just arrived, we passed by a small area that had pre-cut trees for sale. It was quite cold and my hands were starting to hurt, so I tried to convince dad that maybe we should get one of those instead.

That was a mistake.

No.” He said. “We’re going to cut down our own tree. And we are going to do so within the hour!” Normally I would be quite intimidated by this, but I could see it in his face that he was also cold and wanted to go home as well. But he set this charade of masculinity up, and now he had to fulfill this to the end.

So we then were told to mount a rickety tractor trailer ride, that was quite bumpy.

Now, I’m not one to talk about my nether regions, but I don’t have that much body fat on my rear. And since the ride was quite rickety, every time we hit a bump I would receive a sharp pain in my pelvis bone. On top of that, we were surrounded by various other sons and fathers, all who probably were trying to look tough in front of their kids despite the frigid weather. This set up probably the most powerful atmosphere of misery I have ever experienced.

It was overwhelming.

When we finally reached the pine-tree fields, the grizzled, army-camo-donning, semi-aggressive war veteran who drove us handed each of us a hacksaw, and then told us where to go.

We found our preferred tree fairly quickly. It was a wide one, with puffy needles and thick branches. Upon finding it, Dad told me to stand opposite of the side where he would begin sawing away at the tree. And so he began to slowly cut away.

About thirty seconds in, I heard Dad shout something expletive. “Is everything alright?” I attempted to say through my shivering. “Everything’s okay here.” He said. “This tree just has a really thick base.”. And so he went back to sawing away.

Ten minutes passed of slow sawing and cursing, while I stayed obediently by my post, shivering away. My hands were completely numb by that point, and my face had started to turn a pale shade of blue. Soon, we came to realize, was that this tree was not going to just let us cut it down.


In the past, most of the trees we bring home cooperate with us when we try to cut them down. They’re the right shape, bend very little when bagged up, and usually don’t spread their needles everywhere and scare the cat.

This one, however, was much different.


This twisted soul of a tree even went as far as breaking the hacksaw we had been offered. Internally, I took this as a sign to give up. This tree was obviously aggressive, it was freezing out, and the sky was starting to illuminate with stars. But no. My Dad had to keep his image of power in check. No tree was going to prevent him from appearing strong and capable. So he soon obtained a saw from someone else whom was hauling their cooperative tree towards the tractor.

And so he went at it again.

At this point, I could almost feel my blood beginning to freeze. But I had to stand watch for when this tree would finally topple.

My Dad finally snapped when the saw hit a rather dense spot in the trunk. And in his adrenaline filled rage to not lose to this tree, he gave it a powerful kick in it’s side.

With a deafening “Crack!” the tree toppled to it’s side. My dad had won. In this battle of highly unfavorable odds, he had conquered this tree, and thus could keep his image of manly pride in check for a few more months. We then quickly hauled it back and placed it atop the car in a mesh bag, as if it was a deer we had just hunted down instead of a sedentary plant.

The tree, however, was still aggressively trying to deal as much damage as it could to us, even if that meant damaging itself.


However, we did finally bring the tree inside, cut it down to size, and place it in our living space.

And that’s how I nearly caught severe hypothermia thanks to a persistent tree and a flamboyant sense of masculinity.